Programs in your community

"When a child's stomach is empty, everything else is secondary. Before developing a thirst for knowledge and a hunger for learning, one must first satisfy the body's thirst and hunger. This is a challenge faced by our society."
-General Romeo LeBlanc

Niagara Nutrition Partners promotes the connection between healthy food choices and improved learning through the provision of breakfast, lunch and snacks at school or community-based programs. Currently, Niagara Nutrition Partners nurtures more than 201 school and community based programs, nourishing 24,000 children and youth each day!

Students who participate in student nutrition programs are improving their quality of life twofold. Not only are they optimizing their academic and behavioral performance during the school day, but they are also securing long-term health by learning healthy eating habits that will benefit them for a lifetime.

Student nutrition programs range from full breakfast and/or lunch programs, to in class snacks or grab-n-go stations in the hallway.